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Find A Good Book And Start Reading!

Join our Eagles Flying High 100 Book Challenge! We want each MESA scholar to participate. Scholars can read books, e-books and articles of their choice from home, from school, the public library, Epic, and Hoopla. Everyone who participates in the challenge will be entered into various drawings to receive prizes from Principal Colvin.

Important Details:

  • Starts at the beginning of Winter Intercession (Dec. 21) and runs to the end of Spring Intercession (April 11)
  • Keep track of your books using our Book Log or notebook paper
  • $100 prize to the classroom with the highest percentage of participants. (In case of a tie, the top classes will enter into a drawing.)

Need Another Book Log?

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Download and print one out.

Book Challenge FAQs

Can I only read 100 books?

No, we encourage you to read as many books as you can. However, we will celebrate you completely reading 25, 50, 75, and/or 100 books at the Assemblies held in January, February, March, and April of 2021.

What if I don't read 100 books?
This is a challenge not a competition. We celebrate participation. Do your best and enjoy reading!
Does it cost anything to participate?

No. There is no fee to participate. Also, there are many ways to access free books or ebooks, such as your local library, Epic or Hoopla. 

I've already read some books last year and before last year. Can I use those books toward my 25, 50, 75 or 100 books read?

We will give you a headstart and a ONE TIME credit for ONLY 10 books that you have read in the past. All you have to do is complete the “CREDIT for 10 Books” that is included in your packet. You will only be allowed a one time credit regardless of how many books you read. Use your credit wisely! For example, if you read 15 books and use your 10 Book Credit, it will count for a total of 25 books. 

Can my brother(s), sister(s), cousins and relatives at another school participate?

No. Unfortunately, the 100 Book Challenge is only for MESA scholars. You can use one of your 5 invitations to invite them to the Books Read Ceremony, though!

Can I get help reading the books?
Yes, yes and ABSOLUTELY YES!!! You can even read a book with your teacher, at daycare.
Can I use a variety of categories for books?
Yes. You can read fiction, nonfiction, comic books, etc. You may NOT use textbooks for your 10 book credit nor your total books read.
Can articles count toward my total number of books?
Yes, but ONLY students in grades 5th through 8th may use only 10 articles. The articles will be chosen by a MESA staff person. The student must check on his/her registration form how many articles they want to read and the MESA staff person will choose and email the article to the student.

Awards Ceremony FAQs

Will the Books Read Award Ceremonies be virtual or face to face?

The Books Read Award Ceremonies will be virtual. 

Can I invite my family and friends to the Books Read Awards Ceremony?
YES! You will get 5 invitations (Zoom links) to invite guests to cheer you on and celebrate your success!
Can I dress up for the Books Read Assembly?
Yes, yes and ABSOLUTELY YES!!!
What do I have to do to join and participate?

You have to register online using your Chromebook. Your parents and teachers can help you register.

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